CORRIDORS: 45 Billboards, The Billboard Creative, Los Angeles
December 1, 2016 - January 15, 2017

STOP TRAFFIC WITH ART: 33 Billboards, The Billboard Creative, Los Angeles
December 1, 2015 - January 15, 2016

"I want to stop traffic with art” says artist Mona Kuhn, who curated this edition of The Billboard Creative.  "Los Angeles has a long history of artistic interaction

with the billboard form, going back to the 60’s with Ed Ruscha.  My goal is to bring this exhibition to the streets of Los Angeles, so the city itself becomes the

backdrop and context beyond the walls of this larger museum.  The Billboard Creative started with a single billboard, and since then the project has grown in

unpredictable ways.  TBC and Mona Kuhn are pleased to announce the largest-scale exhibition yet, with 33 artists selected to be displayed at major intersections

throughout LA. The selection bring together both emerging and established artists:  Ed Ruscha, Paul McCarthy, Jack Pierson, Alex Prager, Jennifer Steinkamp,

Andrew Bush, Shane Guffogg, Kim McCarthy, Panos Tsagaris, and many more.

UNDER MY SKIN: Nudes in Contemporary Photography, Flowers Gallery, New York
June 20 - July 27, 2013    

Under My Skin investigates the contemporary sensibility surrounding the canon of the body in fine art. Is the unclothed body still the desired body?

How does the visual language of the nude fit into the Warholian conversation about “high” and “low” art? How is the body revealed in the 21st century?

This exhibition presents an anthropological survey of who we are and how we define, represent and see ourselves currently. With these works the body

is revealed, re-interpreted, and given innumerable shapes by the artists who are defining new ways of representing the nude through the medium of

photography.  The works in this exhibition range from David Dawson’s photographs of Lucian Freud and his nude subjects taken in the painter’s atelier

to Bill Sullivan’s nudes taken from his computer screen, from Jenny Saville’s nude self portraits taken by Glen Luchford to Shen Wei’s introspective self

portraits, from Kim Joon’s body manipulations to Mariah Robertson’s darkroom manipulations, from Collier Schorr’s collages to Polly Borland’s irreverence,

all works bring together complex cultural forces that link artist, viewer and subject to our contemporary moment.