Billboard Curator Mona Kuhn talks to Elizabeth Avedon

L'Oeil de la Photographie. December 14, 2015 Download

Interview with Mona Kuhn by Kelly Korzun

Musee Magazine. January 6, 2016 Download

Mona Kuhn's Billboards

The Last Magazine, Interview with Jennifer Mason. Dec 8, 2015 Download

KCRW Interview with Madeleine Brand

Press Play with Madeleine Brand, Radio Interview. Dec 2, 2015 Download

Vienna Art Week: Artist Talk

Vienna Art Week: Artist Talk and Presentation. Nov 16, 2015 Download

The Secret of Venus

Vasari21, written by Ann Landi. Dec 22, 2015 Download

Interview: The Body Beautiful by Ann Landi

Vasari 21 Radio, Podcast Interview. Dec 22, 2015 Download

US Embassy Madrid: Cultural Affairs Outreach Program

Youtube Interview at the US Embassy, Oct 2015 Download

Book Review: Private

PhotoEye Blog, March 14, 2015 Download

Mona Kuhn's Private Pictures

The Last Magazine, March 10, 2015 Download

Paul Ruscha interviews Mona Kuhn

Issue Magazine, Jan 8, 2015 Download

Daniel Kalt reviews "Private" for Die Presse

Die Presse, Austria, December 2014 Download

Paris shows off the Best

Blouin Art Info, November 2014 Download

ParisPhoto 2014: Mona Kuhn, Steidl, Jackson Fine Art

L'Oeil de la Photographie, Nov 14, 2015 Download

Interview with Sergio Rubira

EXIT Magazine, Spain, June 2014 Download

Lucian Freud, Maplethorpe, Mona Kuhn and Marina Abramovich

Article written by Isla Suarez for AD magazine, Spain July 2014 Download

Top AIPAD Picks: Mona Kuhn

Gallery Intell, April 14, 2014 Download

When is an artwork finished?

ArtNews, text by Ann Landi, February 2014 Download

SP-ARTE: Entretempos

Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 2014 Download

Eyes on Brazil

GUP40: Feature in Dutch magazine, Holland, March 2014 Download

Interview with Tomas Carvalho

Amarello, Contemporary Arts Magazine, Brazil Feb 2014 Download

O Nu Feminino Como Ideal de Beleza

Amarello Mag, text by Rose Kablin, Brazil, Jan 2014 Download

LA Canvas: Featured Artist

Interview with Vija Horody, Jan 2014 Download

Feature at Folha de Sao Paulo

Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2013 Download

Chantel Paul, curator at MOPA, selects Bordeaux Series

Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, October 2013 Download

Review by Rebecca Robertson at Artnews

ArtNews Magazine, September 2013 Download

Mona Kuhn wears Curator Hat

New York Magazine The Cut, June 2013 Download


VOGUE Netherlands, exhibition review, May 2013 Download

Nudes in Contemporary Photography

Vince Aletti, Mona Kuhn, Shen Wei, Mariah Robertson and George Pitts, Panel Discussion at Parsons New School, NYC June 2013 Download

London: Spring Photography Collection

Le Journal de La Photographie, May 2013 Download

AIPAD Photography Show: Top 10

Art In America, April 2013 Download

Mona Kuhn curates (Un)Clothed Exhibition

Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado June 2013 Download

Dennis Keeley and Mona Kuhn

Art Center Faculty Mona Kuhn, SPE 2013 Download

Behind the Scenes with Mona Kuhn

The Opera, Germany 2013 Download

Back in Bordeaux

Ute Noll, Germany 2013 Download

Mona Kuhn: The Human In Us

The Art Street Journal, 2013 Download

Ceci Nes't Pas

Art Between France and Los Angeles, 2013 Download


Pariscope, France July 2012 Download

Le nu comme essence naturelle

Art Croissance, France Oct 2012 Download

Peinture et Photographie

Art Coissance, France Oct 2012 Download


Reponses, France, June 1012 Download

Le Nu - Mona Kuhn

The Good Life, France June 2012 Download

Galeria Pilar Serra - Madrid

PhotoEspana Summer 2012 Download

Galerie Particuliere - Paris

Exhibition Summer 2012 Download

Ann Landi: Naked/Nude

ArtNews, Feature Article, May 2012 Download

Mona Kuhn and William Christenberry

ArtRelish, Atlanta May 2012 Download

La Lettre - Aipad 2012

La Lettre de la Photographie, March 2012 Download

The 25 Photographers You Should Know

Art + Design, 2012 Download

The New York List

ArtNet Magazine, March 2012 Download

NY Art Beat: Mona Kuhn

NY Art Beat, March 2012 Download

ELLE Culture by Raquel Laneri

ELLE Magazine, Interview Feb 2012 Download

Dennis Golonka interviews Mona Kuhn

Un-Titled Magazine, New York, Feb 2012 Download

Overseas: Mona Kuhn

Cameraman Japan, Feb 2012 Download

NATIVE at Brancolini Grimaldi

Exhibition in Florence, Italy - Jan 12 to March 15, 2012 Download

Mona Kuhn - Bordeaux Series

The PhotoBook, review Jan 2012 Download

The Cut - New York Magazine

Interview with James Lim, Nov 2011 Download

Bordeaux: intimistic

Photo Asia, Nov 2011 Download

The Art of Collaboration

Vogue Italy, Nov 2011 Download

Tomas Maier and Mona Kuhn

Bottega Veneta features Mona Kuhn Download

Mona Kuhn talks to Elizabeth Avedon

La Lettre de la Photographie, France, Nov 2011 Download

Nude Awakening

Angeleno magazine, Nov 2011 Download

In a Dream

WWD, Oct 2011 Download

The Sunday Times - U.K.

Spectrum Supplement, UK Oct 2011 Download

Bordeaux Series: The Contemporary Nude

Wayne Ford, UK Oct 2011 Download

Around London Galleries

Paul Carey-Kent, UK Oct 2011 Download

Naked or Nude, the simplicity of Mona Kuhn

Chloe Nelkin, UK Oct 2011 Download

The Guardian: On Photography

Sean O'Hagan, UK Oct 2011 Download

Epsilon Magazine - Greek Newspaper

Saturday Supplement of Greek Newspaper, Greece Sept 2011 Download

Los Angeles Watch List

ArtSlant, August 2011 Download

Mona Kuhn by Elisabetta Piati

Zoom Magazine (Italy), August 2011 Download

Leopold Museum Vienna

Magie des Objekts Exhibition, Austria, June to October 2011 Download

The Annenberg Space for Photography

Beauty Culture Exhibition, Los Angeles, May-November 2011 Download

Aipad: Look Smart

ArtNet Magazine, NY, March 2011 Download

Mona Kuhn by Fulvio Parodi

Out of Box magazine, Italy Sept 2011 Download


Traummänner Exhibition, Hamburg (Germany), March 2011 Download

Aktuelle Kunst - Traummänner

Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (Germany) March 2011 Download

Nude: Art History of Nudity and Eros

Bijutsu Techo, Contemporary Art (Japan), Jan 2011 Download

Mona Kuhn by Elizabeth Avedon

La Lettre de la Photographie (Paris), Nov 2010 Download

Best Of ParisPhoto 2010 by Paul Laster

Flavorwire, Nov 2010 Download

Love Story

La Tribune (Paris), Nov 2010 Download


FotoWeek DC, Nov 2010 Download

Top Exhibitions

HUFFINGTON POST, Sept 2010 Download

Lost Worlds by Francis Hodgson

FINANCIAL TIMES (UK), Sept 2010 Download

Featured Article

COLOR Mag, Sept 2010 Download

Angle of Repose by Carol McCusker

COLOR Mag, Sept 2010 Download

Artist Profile

PEN (Tokyo), Aug 2010 Download

A Discussion with Mona Kuhn

COUSIN CORINNE, Jun 2010 Download

Portfolio Spread

COUSIN CORRINE, Jun 2010 Download

New York Exhibition Review

FlakPhoto, May 2010 Download

Elizabeth Avedon

Artist Talk and Video, NYC May 2010 Download

New York Exhibition Review

PHOTO (France), April 2010 Download

Vince Aletti: Photo Books

Photographs, New York Download

April Weekend Series

FlakPhoto Review, April 2010 Download

MOPA - PhotoForum

MUSEUM Lecture, March 2010 Download

A California State of Mind

MOPA exhibition review, Feb 2010 Download

MOPA exhibition

STATE OF MIND (San Diego), Feb 2010 Download

Portfolio - Mona Kuhn

ROSEBUZZ (France), Jan 2010 Download

Mona Kuhn: Native

EYEMAZING (Netherlands), Nov 2009 Download

Sex Off the Beach

ANGELENO, October 2009 Download

The Digital Age

COLOR, September 2009 Download

AU FÉMININ, Women Photographing Women


Winner: Personal Work

AMERICAN Photo, Jan 2009 Download

Mona Kuhn: Venezia

EXIBART (Italy), June 2008 Download

Mona Kuhn: Beheerst Bloot

SNOECKS (Belgium) Spring 2008 Download

Une Bulle Hors du Monde

NUMERO (France), February 2008 Download

Daze at the Beach

ARTNews, June 2007 Download

Page Six: Hide that Nude

NY POST, September 2007 Download

In the Life

CHRONOS (Japan), September 2007 Download

Mona Kuhn: Portfolio

FOTO (Russia), August 2007 Download

Evidence: Mona Kuhn

PERFECT DAY (U.K.), p.20-4, April 2009 Download

Il Giardino dell’Eden

MUSE (Italy), May 2007 Download

Jeunesses Dorées

CODE (France), May 2007 Download

Comfortable in Their Own Skins

HOTSHOE (UK), April 2007 Download

International Center of Photography

Meet the Artist, May 2007 Download

Mona Kuhn: Evidence

MEN'S VOGUE (US), April 2007 Download

Pictures worth a Thousand Words...

ABC News, April 14 2007 Download

Mona Kuhn

BLEND (Netherlands), April 2007 Download

Nu Solaire

VOGUE (France) April 2007 Download

Senza Sesso

VOGUE (Italy) March 2007 Download

Cincinnati Arts Museum

Lecture Series, April 25, 2007 Download

Favorite Art by James Perse

VANITY FAIR, July 2009 Download

Grin and Bare It

WWD Scoop, March 2007 Download

Miami Art Museum

“The Machine, the Body and the City,” Exhibition Catalog. November 2006 Download

Anatomy of Desire

7x7 Magazine, August 2006 Download

Draw Portrait

VOGUE Girl (Asia Pacific), July 2006 Download

Fotografia: Mona Kuhn

MIEDZY NAMI Magazine (Poland), Spring 2006 Download

Il Nostro Corpo

LA REPUBBLICA, D Magazine (Italy), January 2006 Download

Museum of Fine Arts, FSU

“Heartfelt" Exhibition Catalog. October 2005 Download

Exploit the Empty Nest

NEW YORK Magazine, July 4 2005. Download

Art Forum

Charles Cowles Exhibition, May 2005 Download

Shifting to Neutral

NEW YORK Magazine, March 2005 Download

Mona Kuhn

ZOOM (Italy), Jan/Feb 2005 Download

Mona Kuhn Gallery

BLACK+WHITE (Australia), January 2005. Download

Review: Mona Kuhn

ART ON PAPER, Exhibition Review. Nov/Dec 2004. Download

Going Solo

British Journal of Photography (UK), December 2004 Download

Licht Flecken

MUNCHEN Abendzeitung (Germany), November 2004 Download

Mona Kuhn: Book Review

CAMERAWORK, Fall/Winter 2004. Download

Still Memory

PHOTOEYE Book Review, Summer 2004 Download

Neutral Forms of Humans Being

PASSATIEMPO, June 2004 Download

Mona Kuhn: Profile

FORUM Magazine (Sweden), April 2004. Download


PHOTONEWS (Germany) March 2004 Download

Mona Kuhn

EYEMAZING (Netherlands). Winter 2004. Download

Mona Kuhn: Pozytyw

Artist Profile (Poland), November 2003. Download

Understanding of Beauty

PHOTOVISION (Canada), October 2003 Download

Forum Magazine

Artist Profile (Sweden), April 2003. Download

Taking the Naughty Out of Nudity

SF CHRONICLE, April 2003 Download

Gescheiterter American Dream

DIE WELT, Kultur Feuilleton (Germany), April 2002. Download

Stop That Girl

ZYZZYVA, Winter 2001 Download

The Look and the Gaze

GAMBIT News, December 2001 Download

More Than Just Naked Abstractions

TIMES Picayune, November 2001 Download

Erst mal richtig kennenlernen

NEUE PRESSE (Germany), October 2001 Download

Sensualité Vaporeuse

French PHOTO, September 2001 Download

Mona Kuhn

BLACK+WHITE (Australia), April 2000 Download

The Lineaments

ZYZZYVA, Winter 1998 Download